Greetings from the organization.
Dear friends of our international contemporary and author jewelry meeting in Valencia,
Today is Sunday, May 3, the day when we should all be together celebrating our 5th Melting Point, however the painful circumstances we are experiencing in so many countries have made it impossible.
We have been discourteous by not contacting you during this time. We have not done so because, for a time we, were confident that the situation would be resolved, which in the end has proven to be a “flight forward”. Later, because we tried to organize the postponement of everything foreseen to other dates in which this “new normal” of which there is so much talk, allowed the reopening of museums, the reactivation of group cultural activities, meetings and travel between some countries and others, something that, however, still nobody is in a position to do.
Both reasons do not justify the impoliteness, and for this, we apologize and, at the same time, we thank those of you who are reminding us today on social networks that from Thursday, April 30 to Sunday, May 3, we should be together and celebrating our Melting Point 2020 Joieria Contemporània València.
The organization will shortly be able to make decisions about the future of this 5th edition. Until then, a big hug and thanks for your love and your support.

Antonio Sánchez García & Heidi Schechinger


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